I'm really not feeling too good at the moment..
Kinda depressed, kinda ill, just don't feel very good at all. I've decided I'm taking a day or 2 off from course, I really hope I feel better in the morning... ...

Inside out banana peels, (monkeys nearby?)

Spin the hatchet ratchet..
Find your soul desiring itself?
Then you're either vain or in love with your life...
Throw resistance a party, it needs to get out more.
It probably wont show up though.
Eat wholegrain bread.
Close the fridge door and open it again hoping that something tasty has materialised.
Leave comments in Rox's guestbook (wink wink)
And cut some cool shapes out on paper.
Walk down that random street.
Call up that person.
Write that letter.
Do you
Sleep in & Sleep out. Or Creep in & Creep out?
Stop typing Rox

Anyone looking for a flat!?

I'm in a pickle :P
The end of my lease is coming up on Jan 26th, and I have to make a decision very soon as to whether I want to stay and re-sign the lease, or find a room in a new flat. I would like to stay, but there will be empty rooms at the flat to fill. So you want to live with me??? then email me quick! I'll be finding a room somewhere else if I cant fill the available ones here...

Back to the daily grind....

My holiday is now over and I'm back at my course working on our group project. I did a new drawing while I was away on holiday and unfortunately the cd which I had burned the image to isn't being read by my cd drive. I'll have to retake the photo when I next get a chance (I don't have my own digital camera) and upload it later. Unfortunately that cd also contained photos from my trip, there are copies on my dad's computer, but I doubt I'll be able to get them any time soon.

Happy New Year!

I always love the feeling of starting a new year, even though its just symbolic really... It has the effect that moving house has, gives you the fresh beginning feeling, a chance to wipe the slate clean. I'm still on holiday, and have done 1 drawing which I like very much. I also have some ideas for some very cool features I want to add to the website, so stay tuned for them! I've also noticed that the live bookmark does not always load on everyones computers, I will look into this... Anyway, everyone have a wicked new year and visit back to see the holiday photos when I return!


Well I'm off on a holiday roadtrip up north to see my dad and celebrate new years. I'll be updating my webpage with new drawings (from my holiday) when I get back. Everyone, have a wicked new year. And make a resolution that actually matters for once! like I don't know.. something like becoming a better person in some way, forgiving someone, helping someone out, raising awareness, HAVING FUN, enjoying life.. whats with all the resolutions like "hmm i feel ugly, resolution, lose X pounds by such and such a time", or "resolution.. hmm get a car" NO NO NO, make a commitment to something real!!! There's more, keep reading!

Stop trying to be someone else...

Stop wasting your life on trying to impress everyone, and spend it becoming a better person, so that you can impress yourself. Break free from the many layers of nothingness pilling on top of you, that strangle your personality, and make you forget who you are.


Sweeeet, I got all the art back on without any probs... i think...


I accidentally deleted all the art from my site!! hopefully it will all be fixed soon...

Merry Christmas!!

Rox Flame with an xmas hat on. Merry Xmas!

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