Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist

This is a painting/drawing/collage kind of thing I did of my lounge.

Sat, 24/12/2005


Hi rox, brilliant paintings ,

Hi rox, brilliant paintings , give love to Shan and mum and Murray and tay a and u xx aveena

Hi Rox Just love your

Hi Rox

Just love your paintings. I am a student of AUT and am in my last year of early childhood education. At the moment we are doing a paper on music and the visual arts and had to find a New Zealand artist that inspires us. A group of us are doing the concept of black, white, and shapes of grey. We would like to know what gave you the inspiration to do the black and white paintings. We would love to hear from you.


Hi Sandy Thank you for your

Hi Sandy

Thank you for your kind message. In a lot of my work I like to explore contrasts, whether that's the contrast between vibrant colours, contrasts in media used to create the piece, contrasts in mark making methods or simply contrast in dark and light. Each piece of course has its own intentions behind it and it doesn't all follow this path, but it is a common theme running through my work. Many of my black and white pieces we're done during my time at The Learning Connexion, a great art school in Wellington and some we're simply explorations of shape using found objects or music as inspiration.

Hopefully you receive my message before your paper is due :)
All the best

Rox Flame

Hi Rox Thank you for your

Hi Rox

Thank you for your reply. I haven't finished the paper yet and your art has motivated my group to do our own pieces, which we will use for the paper. You said that you where inspired by music, what type of music has inspired you? You also say that are a musician what sort of music do you play and what instruments.

Regards Sandy

That's fantastic :) the more

That's fantastic :) the more people doing their own art the better!
As for the pieces inspired by music, the particular type of music that is used for inspiration is less important than the way you interpret the music. The exercise is about learning ways of interpreting things visually that don't usually have a visual aspect, like music, emotion, or taste. Through doing this enough, one can better impart feelings in their other, less abstracted art, it will affect use of colour, mark making decisions and the general flow the work while doing it.
This also allows you to do art in a way that feels less mechanical, and keeps the magic of creating alive.
As a musician I play guitar and piano, mainly jazzy or bluesy stuff. I also do recording onto computer and do various sound experiments. I've been looking to create software that interprets sound as imagery and imagery as sound, with video capture and microphones as the main input. I have a tenancy to explore projects that might allow for natural feedback loops that create things you wouldn't have otherwise discovered.

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