Pegs Pants and Pipes

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - Pegs Pants & Pipes

This painting was done after a long break from painting, and has ended up taking on some new ideas and styles I don't normally work in.
The main similarities between this painting and others of mine, are the feature of an alleyway, and the use of pink and blue.
The added touches of realism and detail are not as present in most of my work.
I started this painting with a sketch which became a photoshop mockup, followed by a detailed pencil perspective drawing on canvas. I then did one overall wash of watered down black acrylic over the majority of the painting. Once it was dry I added an additional layer focussing on the shadowed areas, I allowed this layer to have sharp top edges where shadows begin and drip down the canvas from there. The next layer was a layer linework of acyrylic black paint applied with paint markers, this outlines all the original linework in the piece, white linework followed to create highlights and extra detail.
The pants were of course painted seperately using mixed coloured acrylics.

Fri, 01/05/2009




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