When did I cease?

I'm not sure why, but some time ago I essentially stopped posting on my website. Asides from a few dribs and drabs here and there, I feel that a version of myself that has been concerned with perceived image, has been such a part of my public persona, that my artistic and more honestly flawed side has been hidden. There's more, keep reading!

Xequals director (Rox Flame) wins video game startup.

Rox Flame - Dynabrick - Xequals - Dominion Post - Kiwigamestarter

"Flame learned many lessons from operating Xequals, which he believes led to the success of his video game."

"With the project management experience I was able to pick the game back up with my head more screwed on. I applied valuable lessons to this project to make things happen."

Read the full article here :) There's more, keep reading!

Polyphasic sleeping - Day 4

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - News

Definitely the most groggy zombie-like day so far. The last few days of reduced sleep and failed attempts at naps had clearly taken their toll and today I was feeling very drowsy for most of the day. After not getting sleep on enough of my time naps I decided to upgrade my systems to better handle nap times. There's more, keep reading!

Polyphasic sleeping - Day 1-3 - Target Rox gains Phasing!

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - News

Recently I discovered that an acquaintance of mine had successfully utilised a polyphasic sleeping pattern for 1 and a half years. This is the longest length of time I had heard of someone successfully doing this, and naturally this sparked my curiosity so after a bit of thought I decided to try it myself. There's more, keep reading!

Laptop, handycam, camera and iPod stolen...

Rox Flame - Laptop Stolen

Today is a sad day.

My Dell XPS laptop has been stolen, along with a Sony HD Handycam an iPod Touch and Canon PowerShot camera, loaded with photos, right from my office at Creative Spaces on Dixon Street.

If you are reading this, please consider sharing this message in the hopes that I may be reunited with my beloved things again! There's more, keep reading!

Astral conversations...

I was having a few drinks last night and someone reminded me of a particularly odd experience I had a while back, so I thought I'd share it. There's more, keep reading!

Too much coffeeeeeee

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist

A drawing done at Espressoholic over the course of a few days.
Needless to say, coffees were consumed...

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