hmm, my previous post is nothing.. compared to now..
Ive just slept for 15hours.. because i stayed at course overnight and worked for like 36hours... had breaks of course but yeah... soooo mental.


Hahaha.. I got up at 5:30am and have been at course all day, its 9pm now... im planning to stay for another couple of hours and then do the same tomorrow.... So damn tiring.. The group project at our course (the one im the lead animator for) is over on friday... My teacher got pretty pissed off at me for not working last weekend or showing up on monday (due to my lovely relaxing holiday in nelson for a couple of days, it was a short, hastily planned holiday, but still good...) There's more, keep reading!

Valentines Day is Evil!

Valentines day.. what a depressing day...Every year for millions around the globe it is just a reminder that they are alone, and for the rest its a day to feel pressured into buying things in order to show we care... It's rediculous.. I'm sure some of you think that I must be heartless for saying this, but quite the opposite is true. I just think that people should learn to express thier love everyday, reguardless of if they are being irritatingly nudged by valentines day.Hmmm.. There's more, keep reading!


Experience of empathy and love.
Confidence in oneself, alive and happy.
Simply sharing, dance, know one another.
Taste of touch, tingles, relaxes.
After-thoughts, and being alone again.
So can I have it back without the tambourine man?
Yes... I know I can.

Rox Flame

21st Birthday Graduation!

Well, my 21st birthday and my animation diploma completion are both drawing near. I'm planning on ahaving a huuge party and a family thing beforehand. My birthday is the 22nd of March, and the celebrations are going to be on the 15th of April (thats the plan so far anyway)


"Being different for the sake of being different is childs play, being different for making a difference is another thing all together" - someone.


I've been awake for about hmmm, 30 or so hours.. I'm getting sleepy? hmm, maybe...
I've done a pretty huge amount of work in the last 12 or so hours, lots of blendshaping, UV map imports, skin binding, weight painting, pose tests etc for "blue 99" The old man 3D character I'm preparing for animation...
Weight painting is so damn irritating...I need to sleep.. I'm on a coffee high and worn out from working.
I think its about time I bit the dust and did the half hour bikeride home, so I can have some dinner and get some rest... If things go to schedule I'll get around 11-12 hours sleep.

Sweet jeeeesus juice!

HaaaaahahaaYeah it's like... 3 in the morning, and i'm feelin groooovey.
I've been sculpting strange facial expressions on a 3D model of an insane old man... no wonder im going nuts!
I had a splentacular idea for something for my webby site, I'll see if I can be getting it up soooon, it'll add to the funulisation value of all things grand. *holy crap, he IS going insane...*

Week of umm, yeah..

I've had an entire week off from course, I simply didn't feel like being there. Damn having the blues aye... Well the week has been really good for me, I relaxed alot and am feeling heaps better. On another note, SOMEONES BEEN HACKING MY COMPUTER!! hmm, I can't really complain, my fault for letting my security down and getting lazy on virus and spyware checks... I should have known too, they were using the ever so popular Subseven, which I used to play around with a bit myself... There's more, keep reading!


I have totally wasted the day...
Hmm.. oh well..
Things will be very busy for me when I return to course.
On another note-
I have some very interesting work that I am currently working on, and some other even more interesting work lined up in the very near future. When it's done I'll upload it, I think it will be enjoyed :-P

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