Dr. Dr. theres a mouse in my stew!

Moon passing slowly. Sun rising, fish swimming, toxic waste being poured into the ocean. Captain planet. Pencil case, pens, people. Speech, speakers, sound, music, flamenco, nylon, steel, hammers, nails, attics. Jump into the ocean. Swim, rise, pass.


My website is now back and running. I just watched the documentary "the secret" and it's great, anyone with a desire to enjoy their lives, live abundantly, feel happy and take the best of any scenario, will find this film very useful. It will provide you with either desire, hope, a plan, or some general happiness. Enjoy yourselves, and return.


International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Island Bay Park

As many of you will know, last tuesday the 19th was International Talk like a Pirate Day. This year we decided to take advantage of that and go all out with a well planned Pirate party. We started the day in the Island Bay park, where we comandeered the pirate ship in the playground and cast our Pirate flag upon the crows nest. Within seconds our ship was being raided by countless school children, we stood our ground and their teacher eventually gathered them up and took them away on their feildtrip. There's more, keep reading!

Lucid Dreaming

Last night I had 5 lucid dreams all in a row (dreams in which I was consciously aware and able to think and control events). I had stayed up all night and through most of the day, and then crashed out bigtime at 5pm, I slept until about midnight and was awoken by my flatmates watching TV. I meditated and tried to astral project for about an hour but couldn't. At about 1am my flatmates went to bed and I spent another half hour trying to get to sleep (although I couldv'e sworn it was more like 3 hours). Eventually I drifted into a dream. There's more, keep reading!


If you look at your life like a chain reaction with each event affecting the next, then you can see how important it is to harness the maximum potential of every moment.
If the outcome of today affects the outcome of tomorrow and so on, rippling through the timeline of your life, you can see that every action you take can compound on the last causing a massive compounded rippling effect, changing your entire life and the entire lives of others. There's more, keep reading!

Stage One: Green Hill Zone

The start of a new phase.. A new way of life for a new me. I'm now on the PACE program, an artist benefit type thing. This means I can focus on my creative endeavors and get some good work done. I've sent in an artist registration form for this years Affordable Art Show, hopefully that goes well for me. I've also cut lots of my hair off and ordered bleach, blue hairdye, and contact lenses. I'm going to look quite different, very fun though. I'd had some slowdown on some of my projects due to recent events but now I should be able to get back into the flow of things. There's more, keep reading!

Where to now....

Well.. I'm now graduated and have had my 21st birthday party. It all turned out quite nicely, family travelled from around the counry to see me and celebrate my graduation and 21st together, there were many good things said and it was great to see everyone. Then I had the PARTY.. Which I highly enjoyed. There were a few slightly down points to the party like the crap music that 2 punks were playing in the band room... repeditive and loud and boring... and they didnt appreciate anyone else playing anything. stupid really. There's more, keep reading!

Yay I'm 21 now!

Well.. I'm now officially 21... Just have to wait for the party!

21st Birthday Graduation!

I mentioned in an earlier post that my birthday is coming up... I thought I' say some more about that.. My birthday is on the 22nd, in just one week, however, I'm not having the party for a few weeks after that, due to my upcoming graduation and convenience of the upcoming easter holiday. I will be celebrating both my birthday and my graduation with my family and friends. I finish my 3D animation course on the 31st this month. I am holding the celebrations on Sat 15th April, Easter Saturday. There's more, keep reading!

Pleasure and Pain

Well, I've just a really cool weekend, had lots of fun being the centre of attention dancing in town on the band stage at a bar with my mates. We were going pretty wild, haha.. yeah.. Then relaxed a bunch on sunday.. For some reason I'm in pain at the moment, sore neck and back, last night me eyes were pretty sore too, they are fine now though, I'm assuming it's the combined result of dancing madly all night and having done the 36hr working stint a few days back.. Oh well, I'll probably feel fine again in a couple of days...

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