I feeeeeel emotionally ill... to the bone

New house

I've just moved into a new house, in brooklyn.
It's F#$%^NG amazing. There's more, keep reading!

yo, quick update...

I have:
-just updated the galleries in my site (kinda)
-got a new job (vodafone)
-just passed my bedtime (its 1:08am)

I am:
-currently looking for a house to rent
-feeling tired
-kinda crazy

Peace out! (P.S, please wish me luck!)

Madness redemer

Normally I'm opposed to spam, but check out what I recieved in my inbox today

"with the bucket to find it. Now we come to Iron John, the hairy man at fingers through his gray hair, perhaps to see if it was still there. I her a kiss, which she snatched out of the air and blew back. control. Which, in this case, I assume is you. grabbed them had moved on and the trail got cold. Nothing more I could sword into the dirt and stepped back. But was ready to grab it in an Each word shot through my head like a rusty arrow, grating androbots, something like that. I blink and look into the lab and" There's more, keep reading!

Been a while

Some of you may be wondering why ive been taking so long updating my site recently... Well I'm working full-time at the moment and it'd been a while since i could really be bothered with my site. I'm intending to put up all the art ive done since the last update, quite soon. However, for those of you who cannot wait, then you can simply visit my deviantart page, which I update regularly and also have things for sale on. www.rox-flame.deviantart.com

P.S There's more, keep reading!

New Art

This is my latest piece, check it out.
Lake of Dreams
Hope you like!


Why are things as they are in dreams? I've been in a rather reflective state over the last couple of weeks, thinking about things I probably shouldn't, for my own sake. I miss people. And I miss study. Its very tempting to go and study again at the learning connexion. Get some more art done and learn more. I miss the creative environment.....


Sweeeeeeet, I'm entering the Affordable arts show again this year. Got my application form in at the last conceivable minute. My computer (frankencube) has died on me recently and I'm now going to have to purchase a new motherboard in order to get it going again. For some reason there is epic amounts of preaching happening on the streets in island bay right now.

Frequent Delinquient

Times they are a changing. There's more, keep reading!

The more that they see

They can only begin to realize how true a soul can be, how real a desire one can have, how much a person can love, how passionate a dream can be, and how truthful an idea can fore-hold. Being a human, is epic, but being an honest human, with dreams, with compassion, with tolerance and knowledge, with the utmost of respect and desire to achieve the spreading of love and happiness, is something to truly look upon with, hopefully modest, respect. There's more, keep reading!

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