This cold and stubborn night, with a harsh wind, somewhat resembling the way in which you once spoke to me. I sit in lament of our silent cacophany, this twisted choreography. In the dark, the screen flickers in and out of dreams, waking from unintended slumber to find myself over and over again. Candles all burnt out, playlist has ended.
You seem bored...

America and Cluster bombs...

Recently, over 100 countries signed an agreement not to produce or use cluster bombs (bombs which disperse into hundreds of smaller explosives before impact). Cluster bombs leave 5 to 30% undetonated explosive behind and later cause death to civilians and innocent children whom unknowingly pick them up. Of course somehow America not only refused to sign this treaty, but also forced the UN to add a piece at the end allowing other countries that banned the bombs to still ally with them and thus vicariously leach benefits of cluster bombs through them.. This is rediculous. There's more, keep reading!

48 Hour Film Competition 2008

We've just finished the insane madness which was the 48 hour film competition. By "We've" I mean 'CUDDL' or (collaborative underground dangerous design label www.cuddl.co.nz) which is a group of young highly talented wellintonians which have been magically bought together by powers unknown (disguised as Alex Matthews) to create, enjoy, prosper, and generally rock your socks off. The 48 hour film competition, for those of you who don't know, is a film competition run in NZ in which you have to create a 1-7 minute film in 48 hours. On the day you are told what needs to be in your film. There's more, keep reading!

Converting my myspace...

Ok I've just found out I can convert my myspace profile into a Music Profile, so I'm going to do that instead of deleting it, and delete my other music one instead.. This is because all my friends are on the current myspace profile. Also makes logging in and keeping all my messages way easier. :)

Myspace, Bebo, Facebook...

Hey everyone...
Just letting you all know that I'm deleting my bebo profile, and also my main myspace profile... This is because I have set up a facebook page. Previously I had 2 myspace pages (one for music) and a bebo page. Now I have 1 Facebook page, and one Myspace music page. Just thought it would make things simpler, especially considering I also have to maintain this website, a reverbnation music profile, and a deviantart profile...
If I were really on the ball, I would also be maintaining my fineartamerica and artbasher profiles... But its quite alot to manage... There's more, keep reading!

Anzac Day

Well, for some silly reason, I have to work today. It's sooooooooooo pointless. Weve had a total of about 7 or 8 customers all day, and made no profit for the store at all. I've even had enough time to randomly post on my website... Oh well, at least I'm getting paid time and a half :)


Well this is the second day of my early mornings plan. Got up today at 5am, without a hitch, no snooze buttons, just straight awake and got to working on my personal projects, its strange, usually I set my alarm to 6:30, spend an hour snoozing and lazing about until I finally get myself out of bed and rush my morning to get to work. But somehow... I have incredibly easily woken up at 5.


I've decided to give this whole, early morning thing a go. I got up this morning at 5:15, which is rediculous in terms of my normal habits, which involve me not getting to bed until 1am. So I'm clearly going to need to get to sleep a hell of a lot earlier if I want this to work out. The reason I'm doing this is that I've found I have very little focus and energy left after work each day to complete my own personal projects. The goal then, is to get up early in the morning and make some decent progress on these BEFORE I've worn myself out at work. There's more, keep reading!


HAHAHA, I just found the first webpage I ever made (6 years ago). Its rather insightful, looking back into the perspective of a young Rox. Back in the days when I was afraid to talk to strangers, but not long after my first love. I was incredibly shy back then, I'm certainly glad I've weened myself off of that fear. Anyways, the point is, I requested that orcon delete that account about 2 years ago... so what the heck! slack bastards. oh well at least its entertaining to stumble back upon. I think I'll save a copy for when they finally get around to deleting it. Heres the link... There's more, keep reading!


"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."

----Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989

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