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Some of you may be aware that I have started a business with a good friend of mine. We primarily do Drupal Web Design, but also some print design and other work. Our website is http://www.xequals.co.nz
Xequals work has been picking up and I have been taking increasingly more time off from my day job in order to get through the workload. Who knows where this will lead, but things are looking good :)


Alright, back on track.
My old blog posts dating all the way back to 2005 have now been fully ported over and new blogging and comment tools have been properly implemented.
Now you can leave me messages :) Doooooo it...

You can now also leave individual comments on any pieces of art that tickle your fancy.

Porting has begun

Porting of old content has begun... It's currently in ze shambles but all will be sane again soon.

Site under construction

I am in the process of setting up my new website. I will be porting all content from the old site to this new one.

iPad; best musical instrument ever?

Recently Apple announced their latest product, the iPad. It's basically a giant iPod touch, and there has been a very large range of responses on this device. Most people seem to be unhappy that its not a fully fledged computer and are annoyed at what limitations this will bring. I however beg to differ. There's more, keep reading!


Hey everyone, been ages since I updated, just letting you all know I'm still alive and well. Leftbanker has been coming along nicely. It can be viewed on the CUDDL website now.

Leftbanker Delay

The Zine in which I was a big part in creating is now being delayed slightly. Probably for about 1 week
This is because due to some hitches, the restaurant we are launching it at is longer having it opening night on the 21st June. Most likely will be opening on the 28th along with our publication.
On the + side, at least this gives us some extra time to make our first issue super awesome.

Leftbanker Zine

On June 21, CUDDL will be releasing its first publication. This is aimed at the wellington youth/arts/indymedia crowd. If you would like to contribute to the publication or advertise in it then contact us at cuddl@roxflame.com
We are distributing this publication primarily in shops on Leftbank Arcade, as this is a thriving cultural centre of Wellington. The 1st edition will be available at the grand opening of Moroccan Restaurant La Kasbah over the weekend June 21-22nd, located on Leftbank Arcade off Cuba Street. There's more, keep reading!


ǝɯıʇuʍopǝpısdn I couldn't help myself...

You're vanishing

I want the sparkle in your eyes back...

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