The ghostest with the mostest

Care = Love

Too many thoughts without a post
Too many nights past 3am
Too many days like a ghost
Too many times and times again

Change of mind is change of heart is change of line is change of mine is change of art. Where to go from here?

Puppet Show Animations

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - News

Recently my company ( was commissioned to create 4 animated stories to be used as backdrops for a puppet show in Bahrain during Ramadan. As part of this I had to do hundreds of drawings and synchronise everything to an arabic narration which was written by my business partner.

Here is one of the 4 animations :) I will add the others once they are uploaded on youtube.
Enjoy! There's more, keep reading!

Painterly rethemeing and current happenings!

Rox Flame - New painterly theme image - Sketchicon Monalisa

So I've totally re-done the look and feel of my website. The functionality is pretty much the same, although I feel it is now far more true to its purpose. The site had gone in a quite 'design' oriented direction for a while and lost a lot of its charm. Now that I have a separate company for all that ( I thought it appropriate to push this site in a more artistic direction. There's more, keep reading!

Good times in Nelson

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist

This piece was created while I was in Nelson recently for a wedding. The two pictured in the top left corner are the lovely couple (Simon and Alida) that we're married.

This piece was created by digitally merging photography taken, with pen sketches done of the photos.

Want some free publicity for your artwork or literature?

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - News

Papercut & Asylum are currently accepting submissions on a word of mouth basis.

Contact Simon Todd or visit to have your work added to a literary journal.

So we got some new stationery printed for our business..

Rox Flame - Screaming Pen of Doom

Theres just something so satisfying about writing lists of work to do, with a pen thats doing the screaming for you.
It's like it just understands you so well.

Oh screaming pen, how I love thee..

I almost, almost, pasted in lyrics for the High School Musical song "SCREAM", but I just couldn't bring myself to do it..

Website updates

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - Website Updates

A few updates have been made to the site. Most notably the search filter. Enter "tags" seperated by commats into the search bar, hit apply, and the art will be filtered based on the tags. For example, "pink, blue" would display art with both pink and blue in them, and "eye, plant" would display art with both plants and eyes in it. You can get pretty creative with this search tool, so long as I've tagged the art correctly. I'm currently in the process of trying to add as many relevant tags as possible to the art.

Electric Skateboards...

Rox Flame - Wellington New Zealand Artist - Electric Skateboard Crash

Don't you just love it when your electric skateboard controller runs out of batteries and then you manage to charge it up at the film school and ride down the road only to have the drive belt snap and jam and send you flying, then you have to carry 25kg of hefty skateboard for 20mins up the road and end up 40 mins late for a business meeting with an important client? I know I do, its chipper.

Brain 'O' War

OMGWTFBBQ brain bulb lightning bolt boom doom!!!

I seem to be entering a new phase...

I have new desires, new skills and new thought processes all fighting for the spotlight.

Somewhat of a brain-o-war is now taking place in my cranium... As the mind opens and one embraces new skills, important decisions need to be made. Each thought is a purchase, each action is a commitment. One must make mindful decisions about the purchases and commitments they make, as these things define our future...

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