Polyphasic sleeping - Day 4

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Definitely the most groggy zombie-like day so far. The last few days of reduced sleep and failed attempts at naps had clearly taken their toll and today I was feeling very drowsy for most of the day. After not getting sleep on enough of my time naps I decided to upgrade my systems to better handle nap times. Now I am having naps with a pair of in-ear earphones plugged into my iPod with an alarm set on it. This doubles as both a convenient noise blocker to help napping with 6 other flatmates living here, and also allows me to have my first alarm (the iPod) set up in a way that won't affect my household, the alarm plays in the earphones and while the iPod does emit some sound, it is under my blankets so it's pretty much inaudible with the earphones in. This gives me 2 minutes to get out of bed before the cell-phone alarm and my 3rd loudest backup alarm (my computer on high volume using metaclock.com) goes off. I haven't had to hear the third alarm at all yet and hopefully won't, it's there as a safety measure in case I oversleep.

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Today I woke up with a mild runny nose and headache. While this day has been the hardest, it has also been one of the most productive, and also the most progressive in terms of the naps. I am now sleeping on pretty much all of my naps, and short dreams are happening just under half of the time.

My 1:30am nap was rather strange, and I awoke soaked in sweat, which I don't think has happened to me before, this nap was a little longer than it should have been, around 40mins.

It's currently 6am and I have just awoken from a rather good 25min nap, and I am feeling clearer than I had all day (still a bit groggy though) and have good dream recollection of the nap. In my dream I was a secret agent and met a lovely girl and we ran around flirting, then I sensed her ghost x boyfriend feeling happy that she had found someone and he started talking to me, at this point I awoke to the alarm feeling a little relieved that I wasn't talking to dead people and a little disappointed that I was alone with a good few more hours before anyone in my house will be waking up.

I've seen significant improvements in how well my eyes are coping now, and I can use my computer for longer hours without quite as much strain, this is also in part due to that I now alternate activities that use my computer and those that don't in order to allow my eyes to rest properly.

So far I'm feeling quite positive about the whole experience despite being tired. I've been seeing improvements being made and also building better willpower from the rigid napping schedule and also getting lots done whilst also having plenty of time to hang out with my flatmates, practice music, and catch up on movies and reading. I now also have a decent dried fruit and nut snack stash on my desk to help me through the night.


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