Astral conversations...

I was having a few drinks last night and someone reminded me of a particularly odd experience I had a while back, so I thought I'd share it.

I had been reading a book called Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe. This book catalogues some of the very interesting experiences that Robert Monroe had during his later life regarding out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. I had found an audio recording of him explaining the events that lead to these experiences and I was playing it to a friend. After the recording stopped playing my friend turned to me and said "Do you think people having these out of body experiences can clearly understand people that are not out of body?" to which we heard the immediate reply in clear english, "Yes, yes they can" in Robert Monroe's voice.
We thought this was particularly odd so I checked if anyone else was home and playing a prank on us, and found no-one.

This friend of mine had told me of many experiences they had when younger of departing from their body at night and floating about the streets observing things, so to them it seemed a lot less odd. I'll always remember that though... And I'm feeling it is time I got that book out from the library again.


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